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Hi !

How are you ?

Today I did Mochi-tsuki with my family at my parents’ house.


We make mochi at the end of every year in Japan.

In traditional Mochi-tsuki, kine and usu are used, but in recent years peoole use a machine.


Freshly made mochi is very delicious !

And  We also made Kagami mochi to decorate  for the New Year.

How do you spend your time recently ?

See you again !




Hi ! How are you ?

Its raining today.

Im practicing typing in Greek language in my home.

Its difficult but interesting.

I ate Okonomiyaki and fruits in the night.    

I like fruits, especially blueberry.

Okonomiyaki is also so delicious !

I want you to try to eat someday.

See you again.  

Best wishes,